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itz now&here.. COPY^^

now im sittin here.. i wanna forget everythin we used to do and we used to be.. wanna leave all memories behind me... i can't see another way-out.. i surrender.. it'll be da best 4 us all!!

(¯`•*¨¨*¤•.»вяoкεи нεαят«.•¤*¨¨*•´¯)


I will never forget the days we once had
The days when you were everything to me
My mind used to tell me we'd be together forever
But now I realize that was all a big dream
The feelings I have for you will never go
I wish I could take back that one regretful day
The day when I willingly let you slide from my arms
Never did I think of the astonishing pain of regrets
That I would once have to live through
The sight of you in someone else's arms
Makes my heart shatter into a million pieces
I sometimes wonder if you still think of me
Or if to you, I'm just a face in the crowd
I wish so very much that one day we can have it all back
But for now, I'll sit here silently
Remembering all the memories we once shared
Everyday my love grows much stronger
Hoping that one day you will feel the same
And put back the pieces of my broken heart.

22.12.06 14:20

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